The widely loved Di Fara pizzeria in Midwood is preparing to launch an epic battle against the Health Department, who forced the restaurant to shutter last week in the face of 67 violation points. And there will be blood! Sort of.

The main battleground is Di Fara's Facebook page, where the owners have been posting snarky anti-DOH messages like "Di Fara Pizza is now accepting apron donations so that Dom can change the apron after he makes each pie as so it does not get soiled and we will now use our intermission as an opportunity for the mice to have a little play time with the flies."

Some staunch supporters are right there with the restaurant: Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema tweeted "DOH attacks on DiFara Pizza must stop!" but others aren't so sure: "I've been going there since I could eat solid food and always knew it wasn't the cleanest place, but c'mon. 67 violation points? Please take that seriously, get your act together and protect the health of the people who fork over their money to you," one Facebook fan wrote. Meanwhile, pizza rival Gino Dedonato of nearby Benny’s Pizzeria told the Daily News that owner Dom DeMarco is "filthy, disgustingly filthy."

The pizzeria itself is still closed, though their Facebook says they're crossing their fingers for a re-opening tomorrow. And, if nothing else, at least this polarizing incident has given us the magical gift of the Photoshop art above.