There are never too many dumplings in this world and on Saturday, one bill featuring Andrew Jackson's mug will buy you bites from 20 different dumpling-makers in Jackson Heights, Queens, all of whom specialize in momo. This year's Momo Crawl once again shines the spotlight on the classic Tibetan dumplings, which are stuffed with different types of meats and vegetables and either served plainly steamed or sauteed in a special sauce. Participating vendors are selling their versions for just $1 each at the event—you'll just need a special map to find them.

Beginning at 2 p.m., head to Diversity Plaza at 37th Road at 73rd Street and locate Jeff Orlick, a "multi-medium ambassador of culture, centered in Queens." Hand him one bill of any denomination and he'll hand you back a map featuring over 20 different local vendors selling cheap dumplings. From there, amble around the neighborhood and eat as many dollar dumplings as you can shove in your mouth hole.

At 5 p.m., the crawl ends and the crowd gathers to vote for their favorite momo purveyor, who will receive the Momo Trophy. To remember the day and acknowledge your devotion to dumplings, one can also obtain a free momo tattoo courtesy of Mohans Tattoo Inn.