Wondering what strikes the bellies of New Yorkers for dessert, the Daily News asked different NYC restaurant managers what their most popular desserts are. The unofficial favorite - the molten chocolate cake (one recipe from Godiva), because there's nothing like waiting 20 minutes for chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside, accompanied by vanilla ice cream.

Here are the top desserts of different NYC restaurants:

Blue Smoke - Key Lime Pie served with whipped cream and lime confit, and Sticky Toffee Pudding made with dates and beer.
BREAD - Tribeca Fritelle (mini-doughnuts filled with light orange cream served with warm basil chocolate).
Calle Ocho - Coquitos (coconut tembleque in a chocolate shell with coconut sorbet and poached pineapple in vanilla bean syrup).

Chat 'n' Chew - Cupcake Chocolate Cake served with vanilla ice cream.
Danube - Topfenpalatschinken (warm wild huckleberry crepes, huckleberry sorbet and topfen ice cream).
Django - Strawberry and Lemon Bread Pudding with sour cream sherbet.
Dos Caminos - Dos Caminos Banana Split with tres crackle ice cream, mezcal marshmallow fluff and peanut butter crunch.
Frankie & Johnnie's Tiramisu, with Strawberry Creme Brulee a close second.
Gramercy Tavern - Warm Chocolate Cake with mint sauce and mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Hacienda Panqueque - Crepe stuffed with sauteed bananas and dulce de leche.
Industry (Food) - Banana Espresso Creme Brulee.
Jean Georges - Chocolate Cake with Molten Center served with vanilla ice cream, candied vanilla bean and chocolate sauce.
Le Bernardin - Warm Chocolate Tart with whipped cream.
OLA - Guava Goat Cheese Cake with ice cream and poached prunes in Grand Marnier.
Paul's Palace - Chocolate Cake.
Pier 116 - Pop Tart Ice Cream Sandwich.
Pompano - Pastel de Elote, a warm corn cake served with coconut ice cream and hibiscus sauce.
Rare - Mom's Key Lime Pie, served with lime zest and whipped cream.
RM - Warm Chocolate Tart with sour cream ice cream and black currant sorbet.
Son Cubano - Tres Leches Cake with whipped cream and fruit slices.
Sumile French Toasted Brioche with tea-glazed peach.
The Biltmore Room - Warm Pear Financier.
Town Chocolate Souffle for Two served with spumoni, mint and chocolate ice creams.
Union Square Cafe - Green Market Sugar Crunch Apple Pie with vanilla bean and cider swirl ice cream.
Zucchero e Pomodori - Midnight Chocolate Cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberry, or Tiramisu.