The family of Josh Rubin, the Ditmas Park cafe owner who's been mysteriously missing since October 31, has hired a private investigator to search for Josh and are offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information leading to his whereabouts.

“We love Joshua very much, we are devastated that he is missing, and are frustrated that we have been unable to find him after almost three weeks of searching,” Rubin's sister Hilarie said at a press conference this weekend. “The emotional toll of not knowing where he is, not knowing if he is safe, or cold, or sick, or hungry, or worse, is simply unbearable.” She said that she last spoke to Josh the night before he disappeared, and he sounded "normal and happy." The last phone call he appears to have made was to order more bagels for Whisk, the new bakery/cafe he owned on Newkirk Avenue, which is now closed.

Josh is diabetic and his family is concerned that he is without his insulin: "If your blood-sugar gets to a certain level and it’s not maintained or taken care of, you can forget who you are, you can forget you’re a diabetic, you can go into organ failure. That is at the center of our concerns, and that’s why the hospitals are such an important part of our search," said Hilarie. Police have been searching city morgues and have not turned up any sign of Josh, giving his family hope that he's still alive, though cops are looking into whether Josh is bipolar or in a "depressed state." So far, there's been no evidence or leads in the case.

Eric Lopez, the PI hired by the Rubin family, told the Brooklyn Paper, “I’ve been to every hotel, shelter, halfway house, outreach program and any place in the city that I feel that he could have been." Regarding reports that he was looking to sublet his room , Rubin's family said they'd never heard of Zach Boyce, the neighbor who claims he had discussed moving in to Rubin's apartment. “Please help us find Josh," said Hilarie. "We need him to come home.”