Design firm SpaceCutter has an idea: to turn the abandoned one-story brick warehouse on the west side of McCarren Park into a marketplace. They tell us the site is underutilized and keeping it as a storage warehouse no longer makes sense. So why not convert the warehouse into a food market? Like an indoor, permanent Smorgasburg, or, as the designer told us, like Chelsea Market. Here's their plan:

"The first floor is composed of food vendors and stalls of various sizes, to include: sandwich & coffee shops; butchers; fruit & vegetable vendors; bread, pastry & chocolate shops; artisanal cheeses; wine & beer. The second floor deck takes advantage of the views to the park and the large sun exposure. Facing the deck can be found restaurants, bars and nighttime establishments. Running along the rear/west edge is a 50’x200’ space allocated for a community-based cultural establishment to include art, dance & music performance. The idea being, that the second level is a nighttime destination with a variety of programs that work in concert."

There would also be a green roof, which would aid with "storm water retention and is conceptually an extension of the park." This project is still very much in its "dude, wouldn't it be cool if" infancy, but we're told the owner of the building is on board, and actually contacted SpaceCutter for this design.