A deliveryman for a midtown restaurant won big in a lawsuit against his anti-Semitic former supervisors. Adam Wiercinski, who worked for lunch spot Mangia 57, was awarded $900,000 by a jury as compensation for years of abuse at the hand of his bosses. According to testimony, three of the restaurant's supervisors repeatedly directed anti-Semitic comments at Wiercinski, calling him a "dirty Jew" and a "Jewish pederast." They also denied him tip money by throwing pennies at him, according to the Post.

Things didn't stop with the derogatory comments. Night-shift manager Artur Zbozien frequently "passed wind, loudly" in front of Wiercinski, joking that his noxious farts were Zyklon B, the gas used by Nazis in concentration camps during the second World War. "Everybody laughed, and then he said, 'See, this is your Zyklon B, you stupid Jew,'" revealed Wiercinski. "My father had six siblings. Only two of them survived in what is now the Ukraine." Apparently, Wiercinski was compelled to explain the usage and meaning of the toxic gas to the jury "because they were very young; they do not know."

Members of the jury heard testimony last week, which included statements from co-workers who were witness to the abuse. After four hours of deliberation, they decided in favor of Wiercinski, awarding him the substantial sum. "He's in shock," said Wiercinski's lawyer Matthew Blit. "He was so happy. It's a moral victory for him." The restaurant denies any wrongdoing and will likely seek to have the verdict overturned.