Proper tipping etiquette (20%, 90% of the time) can be enforced by the angry stares of your tablemates and the shame that gnaws at your soul when you look a competent, friendly server in the eye and tip them 15%. But who's keeping you in line when you summon chimichangas to your apartment on a rainy night? takes 3.5 million Seamless orders and creates a nifty chart showing the most popular foods ordered on the service and the average percentage of tips left on them. What neighborhood is the stingiest? The Financial District, with an average tip of 12.31% Way to put those company credit cards to use!

Some other *ahem* 1%ers in the West Village are a bit kinder, and tip the highest on average at 14.24%. Granted, the data is limited to somewhat Manhattan-centric Seamless orders (and Staten Island and the Bronx aren't even included) but nevertheless, the data is interesting. Why do our neighbors tip more on Mexican food than pizza?