120308deli.jpgSince opening over the summer, Delicatessen, that trendy restaurant-bar-lounge-tool magnet has been pissed on, robbed, and threatened by neighbors furious about the hotspot's cacophony. Now the Observer has piled on too, declaring it "undeniably the city’s most loathed new restaurant in 2008." Even if you know you hate the place already, it's a fun read, detailing how owner Mark Thomas Amadei, 35, installed Delicatessen in the space formerly occupied by the humble Buffa’s Coffee Shop, which he frequented during his N.Y.U. days. Amadei swears he's unfazed by all the hate because he went through the same thing with his Chelsea diner Cafeteria, where "everyone" said he wouldn't last: "Fast-forward, ten and a half years later, every celebrity in the world comes there all the time." So piss off, no-name haters!