Food sophisticates trying to avoid evil gluten have one more dining option (besides Domino's, obviously): Four star restaurant Del Posto just announced that it will start serving a gluten-free versions of virtually all of its pasta dishes.

The restaurant has been offering gluten-free options for some time, but decided to up the ante due to increased demand, executive chef Mark Ladner told Well + Good, which found the gluten-free Luna Piena "just slightly more dense and chewy than its wheaty counterpart...While the flavor was just slightly different, it’s not a difference you would detect outside of a 'test' environment (partially thanks to the mind-blowing white truffle butter it’s bathed in)."

“There’s this huge shift and a lot of momentum with diets going in that direction, so we’re just trying to respond to the market,” he said. Servers will inquire about diners' dietary restrictions. You can view the ritzy restaurant's menu here.