All things are transient, and if there's one thing we learned from The Big Lebowski, it's that man's "days are as grass: As a flower of the field, so he flourisheth. For the wind passeth over it, and it is gone." And so it goes with charming open-air markets that occupy prized downtown Brooklyn real estate. It is our sad duty to report that the beloved Dekalb Market is being forced out by the good old Real Estate Market. Eater obtained this email informing the shopkeepers and food vendors that come October they'll have to pack up their shipping containers and scram:

Dear Container Shops,

As many of you have heard, our landlord has given us notice that they will begin construction this fall and therefore, we will be moving Delalb Market [sic] to a new location. While we have not received official notice, we understand the Landlord’s construction may begin as early as October. While we are disappointed that the Landlord’s new development plans moved as quickly as they did, we see this as a great opportunity for Dekalb Market! By positioning ourselves as the first shopping center in history to move and reopen in the space of a few weeks we will be able to have a new “re-opening” with both the press and operations.

The vendors at the market had been under the impression that they could operate at the site for five years, but, as noted above, at least shipping containers are easy to pack up and relocate. Hopefully they'll find another conveniently located spot soon, because it really is a fun little urban oasis. This Saturday, for example, is the 10th Anniversary The Rub dance party. Rub one out while you can!