The winemaker's job is hard, back-breaking work. On top of that, he only has maybe 30 – 35 times to perfect their craft over a lifetime. A baker has every day to improve upon his work. Mess up the black and white cookies today, try again tomorrow. The winemaker only gets a shot at it once a year. But he gets to drive a tractor; he should stop complaining.

Jerome Hasenpflug with S.A. Prum Mosel, one of Gothamist’s favorite German wine producers, will be holding a seminar, tasting and dinner at The Mark next Monday, August 7th. Tickets are $90, but you get to wine and dine with Jerome (hear his plight) and swap secrets with Master Sommelier Richard Dean. Can you put a price tag on that kind of entertainment? Apparently you can.

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The Mark, 25 East 77th