Deep fried turkey

Ack - a mother and daughter were severely burned when trying to deep fry their Thanksgiving turkey. Elsa and daughter Nicole Roberts of Brooklyn were monitoring their turkey deep fry on their driveway when the oil splashed onto their hands and feet. They had second degree burns. Neighbors called the EMT and the mother and daughter were taken to Staten Island University Hospital's burn unit, where they were listed in stable condition. Police think that the pots may have been unstable or the turkey was too wet when dipped into the pot of oil. There must be a number of deep-frying turkey incidents each year, because as deep frying turkeys (you can get a fryer for a little more than $100) becomes more and more popular with its enticing efficiency (cooking time is a fraction of oven preparation time) and juiciness, people take it for granted how it's actually dangerous to have a vat of boiling oil to cook food in.