Going to Park Slope's Chipshop is like taking a little trip to a state fair where you can procure deep fried Coke and Oreos. Except this place will go even further, and will fry anything—there's even a deep fried Atkins bar on the menu, and legend has it they once deep fried someone's birthday cake. So when someone at the Daily News recently had a craving for a deep fried bagel and cream cheese, they knew where to go.

Owner, Russell Knight (who has somehow managed to live to 40-years-old) told them, "If it tastes good, it tastes a damn sight better fried." Was that the case with the fried bagel and cream cheese? We may never know! The paper essentially lets us eavesdrop in on their order, then shockingly leaves out any commentary, photos or description! Pics or it didn't happen, Daily News.

Alas, the hungry masses are left to wonder if this would be a good, or bad bagel order. (Luckily, Paula Deen's got us covered.)