We've yet to hear anything really good about the "dark dining" restaurant Dans Le Noir (though horror stories about their blackout gimmick we've heard!). But maybe what the "blind" dining movement needed was just a theatrical kick in the pants. Which is exactly what the Israeli play Not By Bread Alone, from the “Nalaga’at” Theater Deaf-blind Acting Ensemble, will be bringing to New York City next month.

After successful runs in London and Tel Aviv the Adina Tal-directed play comes to NYU's Skirball center January 16 through 31. And it sure sounds unlike anything we've seen. Featuring eleven deaf-blind actors, the show moves along as they knead, raise and bake bread on stage while telling their stories. And the on stage baking and the senses it elicits is not just a gimmick (something that should be no surprise to anyone who saw the recent revival of Our Town). Eventually, at least according to the press materials, "a unique encounter occurs between actors and audience. Together they re-enact vivid or distant memories, recall forgotten dreams and joyful moments and ‘touch’ the spark of Creation present in every one of us." Did we mention the actors are Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israelis? For a sense of what to expect, here's a preview video clip from the show's initial run in 2008:

Meanwhile it isn't just about the theater! As part of the show, Danny "Shake Shake" Meyer's Union Square Events has partnered with the Nalaga'at to bring the experience of dining in total darkness, while being served by blind waiters, to New Yorkers who prefer context to their dining dans le noir. Reservations will be available for those "Blackout" meals Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the run of the show (212-488-1505). Further, at the show's Café Kapish "an out of the ordinary experience" will be made available for all ticket holders before and after performances: "Come early and engage with the deaf and hearing-impaired staff through sign language only in a casual eating environment."