Add another one to the chicken list as David Chang has bestowed upon us a second outpost of his new fried chicken sandwich shop Fuku. Beginning at noon today, Fuku+ will be vending its sandwiches and salads plus some new offerings inside the Chambers Hotel on West 56th Street, reports Eater.

Where a barebones menu of a spicy fried chicken sandwich, fries, salad and a cookie are the extent of the offerings in the East Village, the new outpost features an expanded "walk-in menu" of minime (slider?), fuku bites (nuggets?), salt & pepper shrimp and a Sichuan pork flatbread (Guo Kui?).

Then there are the "packages," per person-priced meals geared towards parties of two or more that include a selection of the menu items plus some additional goodies like biscuits and sichuan pork bread balls. Parties of two to six get around seven items at $25 per person while groups of four to eight can opt for a $400 meal of 10 courses.

The regular fuku+ menu will be walk-in only but the spot does take reservations for the package deals. They're open daily from noon until 4 p.m. for lunch and again 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. for dinner.