Donald Trump says he's a pro-business leader—hell, his hotel business is booming thanks to foreign diplomats trying to cozy up to him—but Trump's presidential win is hurting some Americans. Specifically, the ones near Trump Tower thanks to the increased security, congested sidewalks, and inaccessible roads in midtown Manhattan.

David Chang, who owns three restaurants near Trump Tower—Má Pêche, Fuku+, and Milk Bar—took to Twitter to express his concerns about how the increased security was hurting local businesses. Chang's three Midtown eateries are all located in the Chambers Hotel at 15 West 56th Street, less than a block away from Trump's primary residence.

Mayor de Blasio has said that the heightened security measures that have been in place on the blocks surrounding Trump Tower will remain until inauguration day. That means that the NYPD and Secret Service will be patrolling 53rd Street to 57th Street between Madison Avenue and Sixth Avenue; concrete barriers installed on 56th Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison will remain; and pedestrians in the area will only be able to pass through after submitting to a bag screening.

These heightened security measures have turned the area surrounding Trump Tower into a pedestrian nightmare—the congestion makes people want to get out as quickly as possible instead of prolonging their time there by stopping at one of the many nearby shops and restaurants.

Fifth Avenue is still open to car and bus traffic, but two of its five lanes have been cordoned off by barriers. The closures are affecting motorists and commuters who rely on the M1, M2, M3, M4, and M5 buses. Meanwhile, 56th Street between Fifth and Madison is closed to traffic. And as of Saturday afternoon, police barriers were set up along the sides of Fifth Avenue from 59th Street to beyond Trump Tower.

Although there's a section of Fifth Avenue reserved for protesters, Chang made it clear that his issue is with Trump's security detail, not with the protesters who have been marching to the tower on an almost-daily basis.

The congestion will likely dissipate after inauguration day, once Trump moves into the White House and becomes another city's problem. That is, unless Melania and Barron continue living in Trump Tower, which they reportedly plan on doing.