David Chang has worn many labels over the years: unapologetic meat-eater, egalitarian reservation overseer, aspiring storyteller, and now...model? Apparently, yes.

The Momofuku empire-builder is being featured in a new campaign from Uniqlo promoting their soon-to-open Midtown store, with the tagline "Made for all." "All" including New Yorkers like Chang, who said “[Uniqlo's] business philosophy, that clothes don’t have to be for a select few, happens to align with some of our business principles." Democratic principals like...charging $5 for a bottle of Coke?

Anyway, the real reason Chang said yes to Uniqlo is not because of his obsession with Japanese things, but because the chain will be donating money to PS 216 in Gravesend, the first New York affiliate of the Edible Schoolyards program. It's a worthy cause, and not just because it teaches NYC children that they should never move to San Francisco. [via Grub Street]