Another day, another ridiculously priced food that has us worrying that some basic staples of our diet (see: beer, soup) are rapidly becoming luxury goods. Today's drama concerns a humble bottle of Coca-Cola, and one food blogger's anger that Momofuku chef David Chang is charging a whopping $5 for it.

Here's what happened: Serious Eats' J. Kenji Lopez-Alt went to lunch at Chang's newest venture, Duck Lunch, which he describes as "kinda like a fancy Fuddruckers." Alt ordered a Coke (albeit, a fancy Mexican Coke) from the counter and was flabbergasted to be rung up to the tune of $5 (plus tax). Chang didn't react kindly to Alt's writeup, firing back via Twitter: "kenji please stick to catering. mexican coke = hard to obtain in nyc + costs $" and "maybe if @momofuku & @momomilkbar get sponsored by the terrible National Pork Board as @seriouseats once did we can subsidize our costs?"

Chang is something of a sensitive flower, having been involved in blogger-chef skirmishes before, and telling The New Yorker a few years back that "No one gets angry like I get angry. I just turn into a complete maniac. My brain feels like it’s gonna explode." But what's really worth exploding over is the fact that Mexican Coke (probably) isn't even made with real sugar anyway, and we're not sure exactly why it's so expensive, either. [via Grub Street]