Earlier this week artist Danielle Spencer held her annual pre-Thanksgiving Turkey-shaped Jell-O Mold Competition. The festive gathering draws an elite group of artsy creative types and indie glitterati like David Byrne and They Might Be Giants rocker John Flansburgh. Each guest uses his or her own ingredients to create a bird with Yankee Harvest’s "Qwiggle Turkey Game Hen Gelatin Mold." And after feasting on the faux-turkeys, a winner is declared. Every year, we hope for an invitation, and every year we're coldly snubbed. But this time a friend of Gothamist (who didn't invite us either, WHATEVER) was in attendance, and reports that both Byrne and Flansburgh were shockingly bested by the Dark Horse candidate Gobble Pop.

We're told that Gobble Pop was a delicious vanilla ice cream turkey with a hard chocolate shell. The ingenious unidentified couple who made Gobble Pop kept it cold by bringing their own dry ice and continuously replenishing it underneath the turkey. Byrne, who lost last year as well, arrived late with a pumpkin pie turkey, blaming his tardiness on the bird. And Flansburgh made an "Ile Flotante" turkey, inspired by the French dessert which he reportedly loves. It's unclear how the indie rock royalty took their humiliating defeat, but Lew tells us the most creative entry wasn't theirs. The best loser reportedly mimicked a Science Fair project, replete with a three panel poster board with a fake news article about the turkey landing on the moon. Sounds like fun, but we really wouldn't know!