Because everyone knows that chefs make the best significant others (ha!) some very clever people have decided that setting unsuspecting civilians up with single chefs would make for great reality TV. And you know what, they might be on to something.

For the past few weeks casting calls have been floating around for a new show in the early stages of production called Chef Needs A Wife. Currently it is still in the development stage but, having read sites like Desperate Chefs' Wives over the years, we are well aware of just how busy, egocentric, and unpleasant chefs can be. Which can make for some great TV! In our minds we're thinking something super trashy like some of these gems (5th Wheel, you made us laugh).

Anyway, the show's producer says they are open to all single chefs, male, female, gay or straight. And it doesn't really matter where the chefs work, either: "You could be the head of a huge restaurant or the line cook in a burger joint, just not at McDonald’s," a producer tells the Post. So, if you want to get set up with a man or woman who will never have time for you and will never actually come home and cook for you (or you are one of those people?) email