Celebrated chef Daniel Boulud's restaurant db Bistro Moderne has been ordered to pay $1.3 million to a diner who nearly died after eating a metal wire in his dinner. Yesterday, a Manhattan jury passed down the pricey judgement, awarding victim Barry Brett $300,000 plus an addition $1 million as a "warning" to the restaurant and other eateries to prevent the situation from happening again, the Post reports.

In February of last year, Brett was dining at the Midtown restaurant when he swallowed a metal bristle that had come from a wire cleaning brush. The brush had been purchased at a local hardware store and not from a restaurant supplier.

Executive chef Kendall Linhart, who was present when the incident occurred, said he had no explanation as to how the wire ended up in Brett's Coq au Vin. "You can’t always see objects in the food," Linhart testified.

The restaurant's attorney says they plan to fight the verdict, saying that Brett shouldn't have waited several days before going to the hospital.

Let this serve as an off-season reminder that you should never ever ever use a metal wire brush to clean a grill.