While we've long harbored a not-so-secret love of Dallas BBQ's oversized margaritas and onion loafs (don't judge!), a new doozy of a lawsuit from an employee makes us question ever patronizing this once-fine institution ever again.

Ivan Ruiz, a server at the chain's Third Avenue location, is suing over alleged ethnic discrimination and sexual harassment at the hands of several of his higher-ups in the restaurant. The whole complaint, first reported by Grub Street, is available below, but here are the highlights: Ruiz claims his supervisors referred to him as a "stupid Puerto Rican," "faggot," and "asshole," that general manager Afzal Rahman (who is of Bengali descent) gave the most lucrative shifts to other Bengali employees, that Rahman also referred to African American customers are "dirty and cheap" and Hispanic customers as "uneducated and just have babies and we have to pay for them," that manager Bill Harris gave unwanted rubdowns to Ruiz's shoulders and stomach and made comments like "Oh, the things I would do to you." It's enough to make you choke on that technicolor daiquiri you've been sucking down like water.

Ruiz is asking for $500,000 to cover his back and front pay and benefits, plus another $500,000 in damages to compensate for the "pain and suffering, anxiety, humiliation, physical injury and emotional distress" he was subject to. Rahman has since been transferred to another location, but both managers are still employed. The chain isn't talking right now, but whether or not the suit stands in court, maybe it's time to reconsider the margarita. (Oh, who are we kidding?)