The owner of West Village celebrity-magnet restaurant Da Silvano was hit with sexual assault lawsuit. According to the Post, parking garage manager Samuel Cruz claims Silvano Marchetto fondled his genitals twice. And the Post's lede is "Maybe he just wanted to know if the noodle was al dente."

Marchetto has three Ferraris and an Audi at the West Third Street garage where Cruz works. The first time, Marchetto, while waiting for a ride, “turned around and rubbed plaintiff Cruz’s penis with his hand.” Cruz objected, but didn't press charges because he “was hoping that this was a one-time event." And then it allegedly happened again. From the Post:

On Oct. 28, Marchetto — who’s married to New Yorker cartoonist and cancer survivor Marissa Acocella Marchetto — allegedly repeated the stunt after again pulling his Ferrari into the garage.

After Marchetto made sure nobody was watching, Cruz claims he “again reached out his hand and suddenly began to rub plaintiff Cruz’s penis.”

“However, this sexual assault was much more severe than the last, as defendant Marchetto actually grabbed and held onto plaintiff Cruz’s penis, refusing to let go,” the suit says.

Cruz claims he “firmly demanded that defendant Marchetto stop this sexual assault,” as he “was not only offended and disturbed . . . but was also in real fear for his personal safety.”

Cruz is suing for unspecified damages.