There are already dozens of delicious reasons to make the food trek out to Flushing, and now we can add customizable dumplings to that list! On his drool-inducing blog Chopsticks + Marrow, Queens food fanatic Joe DiStefano delivered the DIY dumpling discovery, which debuted at his favorite stand, Tianjin Dumpling House at Golden Shopping Mall. The new concept debuted two weeks ago, with the option to combine any three ingredients into a filling for fresh dumpling skins, which are steamed on the spot.

(via Yelp)

DiStefano tried a few combinations but the winner was the "breakfast dumpling" he created with da hong cha—a "kielbasa like big red sausage"—egg and cilantro. There are two dozen possible ingredients, making for endless permutations depending on what flavors you like. Veggies include things like pumpkin, chive, tomoato and bok choy; proteins include the aforementioned sausage, pork, chicken, lamb and fresh seafood. Even better, a whole plate of food sets you back only $5 ($6 for fish or shrimp) and includes 12 plump dumplings plus soy, vinegar and chili sauce for dipping.

Tianjin Dumpling House is located at 41-18 Main Street inside the Golden Shopping Mall in Flushing, Queens