Officials in New York say Whole Foods has been a very naughty grocery store and for that, they are being sued. After it came to light that the organic giant allegedly had some shady labeling practices, a group of customers led by Bronx resident Joseph Bassolino are suing Whole Foods for overcharging them for pre-packaged foods. Hope they saved those receipts!

The civil suit was filed yesterday in state Supreme Court, alleging "deceptive practices, false advertising, unjust profits and breach of contract." The suit seeks damages for packages Bassolino and others purchased over the past three years; if more join in, it could turn into a class action lawsuit. We reached out to Whole Foods for comment and will update if we hear back.

This is likely to be the first of many suits filed against the company, which disagrees with the DCA's findings, calling them "overreaching allegations." This lawsuit wouldn't be the first payout to stem from allegations of price tampering, as Whole Foods was fined nearly $800,000 in California last year for overcharging customers. Time to whip out that Whole Checkbook.