2007_01_palmira.jpgFood for thought: The Sun says that Brooklyn Heights restaurant Palmira's has closed at the end of 2006, making it the seventh restaurant to fail at the 41 Clark Street space since 1982. That a 3.43 year life span for restaurants, but apparently Palmira's had been literally struck by lightning in 2003, "forcing the restaurant to spend its first two years hidden beneath scaffolding." Ouch.

One of the problems with the space is that there's just too much - it's 5,000 square feet, requiring many more customers for owners Roger and Victoria Desmond to break even. We guess one restaurant key to success may be a small space so it always looks full. We wonder if the owners will attempt to subdivide it; the only other type of place that needs 5,000 square feet might be a bank.

Other kiss of death locations: 311 Henry Street in Brooklyn (Tazza is still there, though) and 206 East 63rd Street in Manhattan, which has seen 11 restaurants in 30 years. What other locations have establishments that you put on Deathwatch?