2007_4_food_cupcake.jpg At half past six sharp on Wednesday, The First Annual Spring Cupcake Cookoff will take place at The Brooklyn Kitchen. This event will break the paper-wrapped baked goods up into three competition categories: the basic floor model (they’re calling it “Pure and Simple”), souped-up (“Additions”), and the Hot Rod (“Decorator’s Delight: Go crazy!” --emphasis ours). A small panel of exceptionally qualified buttercream and lavender sugar judges, including Melanie Schrimpe of Cheeks Bakery, and Jimmy Fallon agoniste Joe Garden, will be on hand to sort the entries. Ribbons will be awarded in each cupcake class, and a trophy of some kind will go home with the baker who takes Best In Show. All are welcome at the event.

Every vote counts, at least for the Best In Show category, and the very future of cupcakes is in your hands. Furthermore, entries for the First Annual Cupcake Cookoff are still being accepted; be sure to register with Brooklyn Kitchen co-owner Taylor Erkkinen before Wednesday. Requirements for entrants: bring at least six of your meanest cupcakes for the judging panel’s discretion; bring as many more as you can for the in-store crowd. If you’ve ever harbored secret dreams of changing the course of cupcake history, this is your opportunity to get in on the ground level. Pistachio with lime-cream cheese frosting? Go for it. Vanilla with Jasmine tea frosting? Sounds pretty. Caramel with popcorn and salted buttercream? Well, maybe. It all goes down Wednesday night on Lorimer Street. Call or visit the Brooklyn Kitchen website for additional details.

The Brooklyn Kitchen
616 Lorimer Street
(718) 389-2982