Everyone was excited when a cupcake ATM showed up in New York two years ago, even though it did mean handing control of sweets over to deceitful robots. Now, to make matters worse, DNAinfo reports that the Sprinkles Cupcakes location that houses the cupcake ATM was briefly shut down by the Health Department last week due to evidence of mice and conditions that could attract vermin.

A city health inspection on Monday showed that the Upper East Side Sprinkles location racked up 34 violation points, including one critical violation of "evidence of mice or live mice in food and/ord non-food areas." Sprinkles also racked up points for the location not being vermin-proof.

The store reopened this week, according to DNAinfo, after a Wednesday inspection resulted in fewer violation points, although the critical mouse violation still remained. Which, if I've learned anything from animated movies about the misadventures of cute animals, of course the existence of a machine full of cupcakes would attract them. We've reached out to Sprinkles for comment on the matter and will update the story if we hear from them.