It's a time honored tradition to sneak alcohol into the movie theater. You think anyone's watching Independence Day: Resurgence sober? Please. Dine-in cinemas like Nitehawk and Alamo have the ability to sell alcohol, but attendees of first run cinemas are stuck with soda and a discreet flask unless a proposal through the Governor's office comes to pass.

During his budget address yesterday, Cuomo revealed that his office is looking into allowing the sale of wine and beer in movie theaters across the state.

"We also had a proposal that would allow alcohol and beer to be sold in movie theaters," he mentioned in his remarks. "And it would be joined with an incentive program, to incentivize the movie theaters to sell New York wine and beer."

In 2011, Nitehawk Cinema owner Matthew Viragh fought and won the ability to sell alcohol in movie theaters, but with the stipulation that "theaters must have table seating and a full restaurant menu selection."

"It would require a law change to allow alcohol and beer to be sold in a movie theater and to incentivize New York products to be sold in that venue," Cuomo admitted. Now who could be helpful in this regard...

The proposal is part of Cuomo's $152.3 billion budget, which is now in the hands of the "wary" state legislature—and hard alcohol isn't included—so don't toss out your tampon flasks just yet.