The owner of a popular Thai restaurant in the Financial District underpaid employees by hundreds of thousands of dollars during the past six years, with some working 72 hours a week for less than minimum wage, according to a lawsuit filed Monday by State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. The A.G. says Lemongrass Grill owner Hann Low paid delivery workers as little as $2.08 per hour, and some kitchen workers made as little as $4.23 per hour (below minimum wage). Delivery workers say they were compensated just $25 a day for 10 to 12 hour shifts at Low's restaurant at 84 William Street; Cuomo's suit demands $962,000 in restitution and damages. An investigation is continuing into Low's second Lemongrass location on the Upper West Side—Low’s ex-wife owns the third Lemongrass Grill in Park Slope, and it's unclear whether that location is also under investigation. Cuomo's lawsuit is just the latest in an ongoing crackdown on restaurateurs underpaying workers; in March state labor officials recovered $2.3 million in back wages for more than 800 workers at nine restaurants, including the Ollie's noodle shop mini-chain, and the 21 Club is being sued by employees for withholding part of their tips.