You may not have even known it was a "thing," but now you'll never find (legal) powdered alcohol on the store shelves of New York State. This morning, Governor Cuomo signed legislation banning "palcohol," freeze-dried alcohol that comes packaged in powdered form. The Governor referred to the product as a "public health disaster waiting to happen," which, to be fair, could also apply to crossing the street, drinking water and...regular booze.

According to the State's logic, the portable powder—which SB Nation dubbed "Capri Suns for adults"—can be easily disguised, therefore "increasing the ability for underage youths to gain access to it." Palcohol creator Mark Phillips argued this point to us, saying that a ban will "create a black market for it making it easier for kids to get a hold of it." According to Phillips, the ban serves is being orchestrated by liquor company lobbyists.

"Businesses and individuals are eager to use it but legislators are blocking them for no apparent reason other than to protect the profits and market share of the liquor companies," he claims. "All the assertions legislators have made about Palcohol are wrong. Remember, they have never seen or tried Palcohol. They don't know anything about the packaging, pricing or marketing. They're just making stuff up. And to make a decision about a product they know nothing about is irresponsible."

Despite Phillips's assertions that Palcohol and similar powdered alcohol products are "safer than liquid alcohol," it looks like we won't be sneaking powdered Cosmo mix into movie theaters and sports arenas anytime soon, if ever. And as for teens illicitly hoarding the stuff, the State should keep in mind that, where there's a will, there's a way.