In LA, sushi chef Kazunori Nozawa has gained a reputation for his fastidious, uncompromising view of sushi, namely that it should be as fresh and well-sourced as possible, but also that the only person who really knows what's up is the chef. To that end, the menu's focused around a series of omakase experiences known as the "Trust Me" options, which the chef brought to NYC Friday with the opening of his first location outside of California.

Debuting for lunch and dinner in the Flatiron, Sugarfish aims to bridge the gap between formal omakase meals and casual neighborhood joints, fusing the two ideas and making curated sushi experiences approachable and affordable for a wider audience. The menu helpfully lays out a few ground rules—eat hand rolls immediately and don't dip sauced dishes into soy—and politely lets guests know there won't be any special requests honored, like asking for additional sauces.

"Almost everyone orders one of the three Trust Me's," the menu heralds, almost cautioning anyone who chooses to select pieces a la carte. There's the standard Trust Me ($39, gratuity included) that offers organic edamame, tuna sashimi, 8 pieces of sushi and two hand rolls, and a "Lite" option ($27) that cuts both the sushi and hand roll courses in half. "The Nozawa" deluxe option ($51) mirrors much of the original omakase, but with four additional pieces of sushi, including a "Daily Special."

And before you ask, yes, the rice is supposed to be warm, so it "melts in the mouth."

33 East 20th Street, (347) 705-8100;

Sugarfish Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd