2005_05_food_bbq[1].jpgIt seems like the five boroughs have gone slap happy mad for smokin', spicy barbecue. Is all of it up to snuff? Gothamist thinks not. But goodness knows, the selection has increased more than two-fold within the past year or so.

New hot spots include R.U.B., Spanky's BBQ, Smoked and Bone Lick Park, among others. And, then there are the BBQ standbys like Danny Meyer's Blue Smoke, Virgil's, Brother Jimmy's, Daisy May's, Pearson's and Dallas BBQ.

Over the years, Gothamist had developed a particular fondness for Blue Smoke's Kansas City Ribs (sublime!), Virgil's BBQ Nachos and Hush Puppies with Maple Syrup Butter, but admittedly there isn't a BBQ joint in New York without its failings. Bottom line - Yankees weren't really meant to make barbecue. NYC may be home to awesome ethnic culinary delights, ranging from Malaysian to Uzbek fare, but for some reason barbecue seems to require a Southern touch.

That said, if you're willing to pick n' choose your 'cue, depending on location and menu specialties, good eats can be had this far North of the Mason-Dixon line. But when the BBQ craving hits us, Gothamist wouldn't say no to a plane ticket to Texas, or even Kentucky for that matter.

Has anyone tried some of the newer joints? What did you think?