Wine Spectator reports that Austrian haute stemware maker Riedel has merged with rival F.X. Nachtmann, the German manufacturer of the nearly 500-year-old Spiegelau brand of glassware. These first- and second-tier (respectively) goblet makers -- who revolutionized the stemware industry by convincing wealthy boozers that they need a different size and shape of glass for every varietal, appelation, and style of wine or spirit available -- are now poised to dominate the market for lead-crystal wine glasses. Gothamist hopes they use this opportunity to do good -- like streamlining the variety of glass styles available and offering them at more price points -- and not evil -- like, say, annexing crystal-makers in the Czech Republic and Poland.

Apparently the Canadians are wary of crystal-makers, but for different (and probably more justifiable) reasons. You can read the Canadian government's warnings about possible health effects of crystal glassware here.