President Obama has arrived at NJ's Newark Liberty International Airport—greeted by NJ Governor Chris Christie and Newark Mayor Cory Booker—and he's taking a helicopter to discuss the economy at Tastee Sub Shop in Edison. And ahead of his arrival, there are fans and protesters. The Star-Ledger reports that Tea Party folks held signs like “Obama, Got Jobs?” and “Obama: Liar N Thief," while others have signs like, "Gaga For Gay Rights." Also: "Debates on health care and taxes have also broken out among the protestors and Obama supporters. Some are even yelling at each other from opposite sides of Plainfield Avenue."

Tastee Sub Shop owners David Thornton and Carl Padavano are excited about the President's visit. Padavano said, "How many times you wake up and find you have a chance to host the President of the United States? It's not often..I don't even think it would be on a dream list. We just make sandwiches, it's just unbelievable." Also, eat for your heart out with this video of the Tastee Sub Shop in action:

President Obama to meet with business owners at Tastee Sub Shop in Edison on Wednesday

President Obama will be in Manhattan this afternoon—street closures and mass transit info here.

Update: Obama ordered the "Super Sub," which has pressed ham, boiled ham, salami, cappacola and proscuttini, plus cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, spices, oil, and vinegar. But he didn't get the 12" size, "noting that he is about to turn 49 and needed to go for a sandwich one-half the size."