Baked good innovator Dominique Ansel has been taking the Cronut show on the road, touching down in LA last weekend and then raining down on Austin for SXSW as well. It's hard to top Cronut hype, but never doubt the power of Ansel, who debuted a whimsical Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk "Shot" to the South By crowd as well. And now, they're coming home to NYC.

The bakery confirmed this morning that the chocolate chip cookie "shot glasses" filled with organic milk will arrive at the Spring street bakery sometime after the festivities conclude in Austin. Don't worry about early morning Cronut lines getting even longer; the bakery plans to serve them after 3 p.m. as an afternoon special. "That way we can make sure to bake that batch fresh and serve our customers to order with organic milk from our supplier upstate," Ansel told Fast Company.

To create these marvels, Ansel makes an extra tempered, extra aerated cookie dough then bakes the dough onto individual cylindrical molds. The resulting shot glass cookie stays soft on the inside while providing a crunchy exterior to hold the milk. For now the cookies have their G-rated milk filling, but Ansel tells the website they're considering other things like Bailey's for future iterations. God bless you, Monsieur Ansel.