Beloved Northwest Austin sandwich shop The Noble Pig will be serving a special menu at Dale Talde's Pork Slope tonight. And bring your appetite; some of the specialties include "Crispy Trotters and Pickles" and "Duck Cotto Salami."

This is the second night of The Noble Pig's two-night stint: Chef John Bates is also serving "30 Day Aged and Pressed Ham Sandwich with Red Eye Gravy and Greens"—which looks pretty insane— and a "Smoked Beef Tongue Sandwich with Red Pepper Relish and Aioli." The Crispy Trotters are $9, the Duck Cotto Salami is $10, Pressed Ham is $12 and Tongue Sandwich is $13.

Pork Slope wrote on Facebook, "Come get some over the next two days before we run out." The full Pork Slope menu is available as well.