On Saturday, May 12, Sam J. Porcello passed away in NJ. You may not know Porcello's name, but you are likely familiar with what he worked on: He was a principal scientist at Nabisco, "where he was known as "Mr. Oreo." He holds five patents relating to Oreo and developed the current Oreo filling and chocolate-covered Oreos."

The Daily News' David Hinckley noticed the obituary last Monday and was struck, "Every so often, there will be an obituary that makes you gently murmur, 'Whoa,'" and found out more:

“My father was proud of what he did,” says Curtis Porcello, one of his two sons. “He’d come home and tell us all what he was working on.”

...He could figure out how to translate a good idea into a viable product, and yes, sometimes he would bring his experiments home to see how the family responded.

“We always had a lot of sweets around,” Curtis recalls, though curiously, Sam himself wasn’t a voracious Oreo man. When he did eat them, it was straight, no dunking.

He traveled the world looking for ingredients he could use at Nabisco. It was a trade show in Europe where he found the chocolate that worked as an Oreo coating.

Porcello retired in 1993. We suspect he would have agreed that the Triple Double Oreo should have had triple the filling.