Monica Cookman apparently lives up to her last name name. This weekend the South Bound Brook police arrested the 29-year-old New Jersey woman for getting a little too creative in the kitchen and spiking her boyfriend's dinner with two lines of cocaine. It seems her unidentified boyfriend wasn't blown away by the yeyo seasoning—so he called the popo on her.

“That’s a new one for me,” South Bound Brook Police Chief William King said of the case, which actually reminds us of the infamous pot meatball case (without the police officer angle). It is currently unclear why exactly Cookman decided to pepper her boyfriend's dinner with snow, but it certainly seemed to have freaked him out. According to the Courier News of Bridgewater, after taking a few bites the man reported that his heart began racing and his throat went numb. When Cookman admitted to slipping lines into his leftovers (reports vary as to wether the meal was a fresh one or not) he went to the police seeking a restraining order.

But the cops went further than that. They quickly brought Cookman in for questioning and, after she reportedly copped to being a shady chef, booked her on a slew of charges including poisoning, aggravated assault and possession of cocaine. Cookman was jailed yesterday in lieu or $30,000 bail.