0804greene.jpgThat Momofuku Ko "resi" that hit Craigslist recently, where the poster was looking for a culinary companion, was not only filled -- but the story gets juicier than kimchi consommé with pork belly.

The woman who accompanied the Craigslist poster, Tom Dobrowski (a real estate investment expert), was none other than the Insatiable Critic, Gael Greene (pictured). She got her in by responding to his post with: “Momofuko Ko with a mouth that has forty years reviewing restaurants at New York magazine could be fun?” To which he retorted, “I’m choosing you over Frank Bruni.”

No word on how the grub was, but Eater has the details on what really went down. They report Tom didn't get any responses until Greene's last minute reply, and despite having already canceled his reservation, the two went anyway.

What if, Gael still unrecognized, they do get seated and throw the whole machine into Defcon 5—Drew, chief of Momo Ops, shows up, Chang hurried to a secure bunker, etc.—and, worst of all, the poor couple who had snagged a last minute resy at Ko had to sit at a makeshift table up front. But, then, what if Gael and Tom's meal was comped. What if the house said: "If the confusion was our fault, please accept our apologies. If you tried to sneak your way into Ko, we don't want your money."

Grub Street

, where Greene noticed the Craigslist posting first, pointed out that not all foodies are lovin' it at Ko; the WSJ recently reported back on the unfriendly staff and uncomfortable "backless, uncushioned wooden stools."