Of all the outrageous treats to emerge from the Momofuku Milk Bar, Christina Tosi's Crack Pie remains one of the best loved, with her luscious Cereal Milk soft serve ice cream coming in a close second. Now, the two have united in the most unholy alliance since the Cronut-Concrete spectacle of 2013. Behold, Crack Pie Soft Serve!

The new frozen flavor is part of many that Tosi and team are releasing for their almost-fall season, according to GrubStreet. The Crack Pie version will only be available at the East Village outpost, but there are special pie-scream flavors coming to all locations. Williamsburg gets the also-cherished Compost Cookie soft-serve treatment; in Midtown, it's a Blueberry & Cream Cookie version; UWS opens wide for Candy Bar Pie; and Carroll Gardens gets celebratory with Birthday Cake in a cup.

Check out the full lineup of seasonal treats over here; sugar rush ahoy.