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2007_04_porterhouse2.jpgWe weren’t thinking with much of an open mind this week. We had a mission, and we were going to complete it. Though the temperatures have yet to hit 80, the nice run of sun is enough to warrant the complete shift towards warm weather mode, and that means one thing: the grill. So we didn’t really care what the special was this week as long as it could be safely tossed on the grill and wouldn’t flame up, or produce noxious smoke to scare off the neighbors. Luckily Fairway gave us the easy way out.

Truth is, when you see porterhouses for under $10 it is time to stop worrying and pick it up. Luckily, they were not only under ten, but a cool $6.99 a pound. Nothing really says grilling like a big juicy steak. And unless you have something to prove, one of these big guys will easily feed two.

2007_04_porterhouse1.JPGThere are lots of seasonings and methods about what you could do with this hunk. We just happen to like salt and pepper. Toss on a really hot grill and cook for 4-5 minutes a side. We like ours medium-rare. For those not fortunate enough to have a grill, porterhouses like the a quick sear, preferably in a grill pan, and then some time in very hot oven. Sear in a pan at the highest temperature, about a minute or two per side. Then place place in a preheated 450 degree oven until the temperature registers 125. About 8 minutes. Side with a baked potato and wash down with the coldest beer you can find.