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2007_04_nutella2.jpgBecause of the Nor'easter and unseasonably cool weather, fresh veggies weren’t sounding very good this week. We needed comfort food, and that’s when we found Nutella, 2 for $5 at Fairway. That’s $2.50 a piece, nearly a dollar cheaper than normal. For those not versed in the ways of the European staple, it’s a hazelnut spread, very much the consistency of smooth peanut butter, but laced with chocolate and lots and lots of sugar. Kobe Bryant loves it, and so do we.

What to do with it? There are sites detailing the myriad of uses for this remarkable spread, whether that’s banana hazelnut empanadas, chocolate-hazelnut ravioli, or Nutella crepes.

2007_04_nutella3.JPGThey all sounded dashing, but we couldn’t think of any better way than to slather it on two pieces of bread. Toast the bread, saute the whole sandwich in a pan, or use the Panini maker (a.k.a. George Forman) to give you those lines. Of course, even that seems a little too highbrow sometimes, in which case we definitely recommend the use of a spoon to scoop out the desired quantity. Just lick it off. But try not to double dip. According to the official Nutella website FAQ under “I like to eat Nutella out of the jar with a spoon. Is that OK?”, double dipping “reduces the shelf life of the product.” Plus it’s gross.

How do you use your Nutella?