The Coupon Clipper scours the specials for the best deals in New York's big grocery stores.

2007_05_limes1.JPGTwo weeks ago, searching for limes among the piles of produce in Fairway seemed like cruel game. Because they were out of the “regular” ones, we had to wade through the organic bins, tossing over strange foliage to find the citrus at over a dollar a piece. So imagine our shock when we walked in this week and faced a wall of little green ones going for 10 for $1.99. That’s a lot of limes.

As you drag your bag of limes up to the cash register, you may be wondering why you need that many and what exactly to do with them. But the checkout lady will know exactly why you have all those limes. Like when someone buys orange juice with their friends after 10 P.M., that many limes is suspicious. Unless you’re stocking up for a proper Mexican fiesta, you might as well fess up and make a drink.

2007_05_limes2.JPGHow best to use the limes depends on your liquor of choice. If you’re stocked with tequila then make a margarita. If you have rum it is time for a Daiquiri. Have some Brazilian Cachaca? Mix it with some sugar and have a Caipirinha. And if you’re so lucky to have some nice gin, and nothing but time, then try a Gin Fizz, which you’ll need to shake with some egg whites for a very long time. If you’re feeling rather lazy and haughty then move on to what is said to be F. Scott Fitzgerald’s drink of choice: The Gin Rickey. It’s nothing more than two ounces of gin and 3/4 ounce of lime juice poured in a highball glass filled with ice and topped with club soda. It’s quick, refreshing, and since there is no sugar, you’ll feel no shame when you reach into the plastic bag to cut up another lime.

Any other tasty mixes?