2007_01_avocado%20-%201.jpgRegardless of what Key Foods has to say, not many people need 10 avocados. It is the fattiest fruit in the kingdom and supplies some 25 percent of your daily monounsaturated fat needs. Who needs 10 of these besides Super Bowl party planners in need of a mega-batch of guacamole? Key Food’s hope is that the low price per piece, $1, will bring interest, and to their credit, it worked.

2007_01_avocadoad.jpgSure they weren’t California Hass, but they were still Hass, and since avocados can sometimes run up to $3 a piece, this deal had to be seized. It also needed to be well planned, because a two-person household is going to get sick of them real quick. Though they can be added to countless different meals, they usually only appear raw. We couldn’t think of one time we'd had a cooked avocado, so decided to check it out.

2007_01_avocado%20-%204.jpgWe couldn’t find anything about cooking them, except a vague warning in the Joy of Cooking that bad things would happen. We scooped half an avocado out and sauteed it in a little olive oil over low heat just to see what would happen. It actually held together fairly well -- we had imagined a pool of green goo -- but just like the Joy of Cooking warned me, the delicate butteriness of raw avocados turns bitter the longer it’s cooked. Mine tasted like eggs. It was not pleasant.

So you're going to have to be creative, and though you may want to, you can't eat guacamole for 5 days straight. Here are 10 things to do with 10 avocados besides guacamole:

2007_01_avocado%20-%202.jpg1. Avocado Dressing - Creamy and smooth, and it will go perfectly with just about any vegetable you throw in.
2.Cobb Salad
3. California Sandwich, aka BALT - This deviation on the summer staple BLT, adds some glue to the ingredients. Where bacon leads, avocado is usually game to follow. The California Sandwich from Chocolate and Zucchini looks good, too.
4. Tortilla soup - chunks of fresh avocado and another beautiful layer to this soup.
5. Fried Eggs with Shaved Avocado - Slices are a perfect compliment, but this is also the perfect time to use your not-quite-there-yet ones. Just grate them like cheese atop any style of eggs you wish.
6. Sushi - California roll, anyone?
7. Avocado Daquiri - I cannot vouch for this.
8. Cold Avocado Corn Soup
9. Sweetened Avocado on the Half Shell -
10. Avocado Conditioner

If none of these creative uses for avocado interest you, and all you want is a nice bowl of guacamole, don't worry. Though you’re definitely nudged to buy 10; when we asked the checkout lady how much they were individually, she said, “Oh, don’t worry. They are just a dollar a piece.” Anyone have some original ideas for extra avocados?