We can think of plenty of NYC-centric Valentine's Day activities that could wrap your loved one in a bundle of joy—visiting the Bronx Zoo cockroach you named after your ex, hiring Mariachi players to perform "Can't Keep My Eyes Off Of You" on the sidewalk, practicing Hygge—but none of those ideas involve the NYC subway system. And yet, that is just the venue one Bronx couple chose for their big Valentine's Day date night yesterday. One person's nail clippings and human detritus graveyard is another's screening of Fifty Shades Darker.

Mohammad Choudry and his wife of nine years, Johnnybell Sanchez, staged their romantic dinner inside the Union Square subway station. While being serenaded by a band Choudry hired, the couple dined on lobster as commuters passed through during rush hour on the L train platform.

"It was a little weird. I’m not going to lie," Sanchez told NBC New York, noting that lots of strangers were staring at them. Still, she was quite happy with the effort her husband put in: "He’s never done anything like this before, so I’m really proud of him," she said. "I think it came out perfect," he added.

If you're wondering whether they chose that particular subway platform because it has some unique meaning to them—like say, they met each other on the platform—think again. Choudry said he chose it because his wife just... likes the station? It's pretty vague. Still, better than a lot of other "romantic" subway stories we've come across.

But if you want to read actual stories about people who did meet on the subway, the NY Times has you covered.