bktraderjoesclck.jpgHave you heard? Everyone is so excited about the new Trader Joe's coming to town! Brooklyn's first branch of the grocery store opens up this Friday, and if you thought that in a city like New York it would take a little more than reasonably priced organic milk to get people excited, then you'd be wrong. OTBKB has a source deep inside the establishment who reports back that the Court Street store's opening will include prizes (yes, prizes!) for the first 100 people on line, a Caribbean band soundtracking the exciting day, along with tastings and probably Marty Markowitz making an appearance in a Hawaiian shirt. Having trouble picturing it all? Gersh Kuntzman from the Brooklyn Paper gives you a sneak peak at the store. Spoiler alert: the inside contains salmon and 18 cash registers! One question no one can answer yet, however, is how and if this will impact Fresh Direct's Brooklyn business.