Lombardi's, the pizzeria that brought us the wonderful wonder that is bread, sauce and mozarella, will be celebrating its 100th birthday with 5 cent pies on November 10. You read that right: 5 cent pies, because they opened in 1905. Gothamist wonders if people will start lining up on Noember 9 in order to get a seat (which has been easier with Lombardi's expansion, but on a Friday night, waits can be long). Here are some foam sleeping pads for the wait.

The Post had a great story about Lombardi's evolution; the current owner, John Brescio, explains why they stopped making pizzas in the 1970s: "What happened was the oven was crumbling because the old store was right above a subway station and every time the subway went through, the building would rumble. Over 80 years the oven fell apart." So the pizzerria moved down the block. And as expected, Slice is very, very excited,

Photograph by Tien Mao who is iffy about Lombardi's pizza in the pantheon of New York slices, but at 5 cents a pie, he's down