The FDA, which is in charge of such things, has been trying to create a standard definition for a voluntary "gluten-free" label for years now. But with no real movement on that front at least one member of the City Council is trying to take matters into his own asking the FDA to make "gluten-free" labeling on foods mandatory.

A resolution put forth yesterday by Queens Councilman Daniel Dromm calls on the FDA to not only create a standardized definition for gluten-free products (which, we admit, would be a real boon for the many American's with celiac disease) but to make it mandatory for gluten-free products to be labeled as such. We're sure the FDA is going to get right on that now!

The resolution came the same day as the "abortion disclosure bill," and came smack between introductions of local laws to limit the number of cars a dealer can park and one to allow for an easier process to cancel tickets if you have a valid munimeter receipt (kind of like the elusive and Bloomberg-vetoed grace period people are always clamoring for). Somehow we suspect the other two will be getting more attention in the Council, but then again they do like to take an interest in public health now and then. And a resolution calling on some other government body is not a very hard sell.