For once, good news about the highly invasive snakehead fishes currently ripping through American waters! It may be illegal to import the "fishzillas" (not only do they devour indigenous fishes but they can breathe air and travel short distances on land) but it isn't illegal to eat them! And, if the chef at Gramercy Tavern is to be believed, they actually taste pretty good.

The Huffington Post today points out that the terrifying fish has hit the menu at the restaurant, easily one of the highest profile restaurants in town. They started serving the fish last week and so far the response has been positive. "Once we tasted it, we liked it," explains chef Michael Anthony. "It has a dense texture, a wonderful clean flavor. There is nothing strange about it. It's a delicious fish."

"It's very clean tasting," reiterates John Rorapaugh—who runs ProFish and has been selling the snakeheads here. "It's a predatory fish, so it only eats other living things. The diet is very clean, so you are what you eat, right?"

Honestly, this is good news. Snakeheads are a serious environmental problem and if we can help solve it through fishing rather than poisons or predators so much the better! The fish is already well regarded in some Asian cuisines and has been aquafarmed in other parts of the world.